Welcome to Vampire Genesis, a free, browser based vampire game. These wars began long ago, in the dark ages of the Vampire Crusades. Somehow, the fires burn strong, even after all these years. The battles have waged through the Blood of the Age, and will continue long after this reign of blood has ended. Once you join us, you will learn what it takes to be a vampire. You will learn skills, complete quests, delve into magik, hunt humans, and have the option to be a part of great covens, possibly creating your own. All on your way to becoming one of the greatest vampires in the Death Valley. Do you have what it takes? Join us and see.

The ultimate Vampire Game is free to play!


You awake to find yourself with a bite mark on your neck, a sickening feeling in your abdomen and someone stole your money. You suddenly have an unexplainable yearning for blood. What is your name young vampire?
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